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A legal audit performed by a notary is the safety of your property! The exclusively notarial system owns all the necessary instruments.|

Private notary in Kyiv.

Ukraine is a dynamically developing state, legislation and regulations are being improved and changed in accordance with the requirements of the time and the needs of the citizens of Ukraine, therefore, in order to understand the conditions for the application of legislation, it is better for you to seek help from a notary. The notary will analyze the current regulation, the instruments of use and the consequences of the application. A notary is a person who works exclusively with documents, in order to receive substantive answers to your questions, you must provide a pre-agreed package of documents. 

The notary's office is located in a place with a good public transport interchange, namely: Osokorki metro station, Poznyaki metro station, located in the ultramodern complex "RIVERSTONE"

A parking space will be provided for persons on a car.



  • Preliminary contract for the sale and purchase of an apartment, residential building, land plot;
  • Marriage contract; Agreement on the division of property of the spouses. Agreement on determining the place of residence of the child; Maintenance agreement;
  • System "MAYAK", the imposition of a ban on the alienation of real estate, the protection of your property from third parties;
  • Purchase and sale agreement for an apartment, residential building, land plot;
  • Vehicle sale and purchase agreement;
  • Legal audit of the developer and investment contracts; Hot and must have;
  • Succession contract NEW;
  • Amendments to the statements of legal entities, acts of acceptance and transfer of a part in the statutory capital, verification of the authenticity of the signature on the statute, minutes, decisions;
  • Parental consent to leave the child
  • Power of attorney for the disposal of property, vehicles, representation of interests;

Power of attorney

The power of attorney must be specific and specific. A general power of attorney may be rejected and not accepted for work by the body to which it is provided.

Preliminary contract for the sale and purchase of real estate (apartment, land plot, residential building) with a security payment.

When certifying a preliminary contract for the sale of real estate, a notary performs a preliminary legal audit of real estate, the legality of ownership, the legality and conditions of registered rights BEFORE concluding a preliminary contract, the legality and safety of future ownership.

Real estate purchase and sale agreement, registration of ownership.

The real estate purchase and sale agreement requires a special analysis, verification and final audit. A formal analysis will not be enough, to ensure the security of future ownership, a notary performs a legal audit not only of documentation, but also the history of ownership, legal grounds for acquisition, legal grounds for registering rights, identifying hidden rights from third parties.


I turned to this notary, with an insignificant goal, somewhere in 2011, received working answers, to this day I work with this notary, the notary even writes answers to viber. Trust that has been proven over the years. 


A very friendly attitude towards the client and his problems - you can always ask for advice and help even on related issues, and plus to everything, high-quality advice on inheritance issues. But it is better to make an appointment in advance.